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Eternal Rebirth In Pinkness

Like A Vagina Networks is returned continuously, like unto a phoenix. Trimming our fat constantly, we arrive at a consummate leanness, shedding our previous colorations for out native hue, accruing only innate value. Pretenses of the past are dropped for newer and better pretenses, in a continual accumulation and disparation of our multiple layers. Like A Vagina Networks retains our commitment to process-based product in assuming our new and newer strategic edge. Our ideals become manifest and inviolate.

Forays To Physical Manifestation

The Extremes of Our Love, the third long-form work, was released as a limited edition of 23 copies. Now sold out. The cover is designed like the site, and vice versa. The blurb on the back cover: 'This is the book where I make love to you.' That's a summary of the plot.

'Alexander', the second and complete Like A Vagina Networks book, is now for purchase in a realized and incarnate form. An edition of 100 signed and numbered copies, personalized on request. Less than 20 copies left. 15 USD postpaid worldwide. Sales by inquiry. In the catalog of the Forbes Library in Northampton, MA. Stewart Home provides the quote: '... I loved the idea of an ass baby, you're like Kathy Acker meets William Burroughs in an "Andy Warhol" movie...'

Media Beyond Messages

Like A Vagina Networks separates itself from identification with its chosen media. Yet the product is the process, without superfluous explication. We disseminate ourselves to electronic files for your consumption. Our overt incarnations concealed in novel and obsolete expression. This is what Like A Vagina Networks is all about. We leave language in a perfect font. It's all in you. Some older work has been removed as it no longer reflected our deepest wishes and desires. In reverse chronological order.


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